new misfits april ’10

new misfits    14″ x 17″  charcoal and oils on paper       2010


6 responses

5 05 2010
Peter Solarz

Love your new work. I just finished my site.

13 09 2010

your art-work are really amazing!

13 09 2010

your paints are amazing

2 10 2010
Ginny Hayes

I love your work and would love to put 3 pieces in my basement. Already sent you and email. Thank you

21 06 2011
Tony Coca

How much for Anorexic?

Thank You

13 08 2015
Susan Phelps

Mr. Whipple – my sister and I first saw your work at the Art Fair in Winter Haven, Florida, and were absolutely blown away. I would love to be able to look at a corresponding price list. The “parade” I think you called it was stunning but out of my league, I’m afraid. But I would definitely be interested in some of your oils and sculptures.

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