John Whipple

Thanks for looking at my work. If you have any questions or would like any further information please leave a comment or e-mail me at      j


30 responses

14 04 2010

hi John !!!!!! love ur site!!!!!! esp like the parades! still have the bird-perched up hi on the bookcase. saw urs in thi mast. i think lynn said u have some paintings-how do u see those ? THANKS—————D

24 04 2010
Louise Bova

great work! great site!

9 06 2010
Chris Roberts-Antieau

Your new work is unfreakin’ believable, my friend.
Pure genius. I love it ALL!!!

16 09 2010
Joe Blank

The work is great. As a New Yorker, I can relate to all the characters.

23 10 2010

John: Like you sculpture work: “Artist Block” & “Ship of Fools”…. If you have a moment, would you kindly forward me the size and price?

3 02 2011
Mich Gunderman

Great work. Love it. Love the materials…the whimsy…the rawness…the way it make me feel. Keep on keeping on. Amazing!

20 03 2011
Kerstin Ziegler

Love your art. That is my kind of art. Just found out about your art at the Winter Park Art Festival. I’m an artist myself and always live in a world of furry and whimsical creatures.

24 04 2011
Brian Baird

I saw your work at the Amway arena outside the Budweiser Box Seats. I would be interested in seeing more of your work and maybe purchase something for my office. Can you send me some additional information, such as pricing. I love your style. I am in the entertainment business and have been in the carnival business for some time. Thanks…I look forward to hearing from you.

10 05 2011
milissa Ross

I would like to know prices on the sculptures? We saw you at Jazz fest great work! Do you still have the ” Ship Of Fools”

31 05 2011
Christine Nenadovich

Bought your parade from Antieau Gallery over Easter. Thank you for the DVD

I loved putting the pieces together. I love the mixed media you use. I will send you a photo when it is finally completed (waiting for a table that will fit the piece) so you can make sure I have put it together properly.

Sincerely, Christine

22 07 2011

Saw your work at the Ann Arbor Art Fair. I loved it. I wish i would have had the money to buy a piece….or even two………..U are very talented.


Novi, Michigan

8 08 2011

Do you have shop in de netherlands where i can buy this stuff? coz its amazing!

16 12 2011

Do you have anything on the large portraits that you featured at the last Plaza Art Fair?

21 12 2011


We saw your Misfit series in NOLA last week and went back every day to admire. Strange, memorable and perfect. Thank you!

Best to you,
Amy and Greg

24 02 2012
Doreen LoCicero

I met you at the Coconut Grove Art Fest — just love your work, it’s so pleasantly unsettling!

6 04 2012
Amanda Brinker

Hi, I absolutely love your Misfits. Do you sell prints, our just originals?

13 08 2012
kevin g


9 10 2012
patt farrell

Dear john..hola!
Hope this finds you Well! Long time! Miss you in the ATL.
I am contacting you because I have an opportunity to be a contestant on the TLC channel, where participants tour and review each other’s homes! Your artwork hangs pretty front and center in my living room… and I NEED your release to show in on camera!
Can you pleads sign the attached release doc and send it back TO me ASAP! I would SO APPRECIATE it@

9 10 2012
patt farrell

Hey. Need to send an attachment. How do I grey that to you?

28 06 2013
Amy gibbs

I absolutely LOVE your sculptures
Are they for sale? If so, where can I find a price list?
Thank you for sharing these.

28 06 2013

Hi Amy
Most of the sculptures run between 400. To 3000. The best way to inquire about a specific piece is to email me at jxlwhipple@ Thanks j

1 07 2013

Your work is amazing.

7 07 2013
Andrew Schechterman

John, Saw your work again at Cherry Creek Arts in Denver. How about a mailing list or online catalog? Would be wonderful!

6 11 2013
303 668 5579

john i would love to see what you have for sale at the moment thanks or dave creager in denver @ 3036685579 thanks j

27 11 2013
Steve Piazza

Where can I see originals for sale? Do you have a list of galleries that your work is at?

22 04 2014
John Whipple

Nice site. Nice art. Cheers.

8 09 2015

Hey John you sent me an email back about a week ago in reply to my inquiry about misfit prints. I emailed you back with a couple questions

26 08 2016
Janice Marks

I recently bought a piece of your art work and I absolutely love it ! It is just the bust image of a woman arms crossed over chest with fingers crossed signed and numbered 552/1000 Can you tell me what the original buyer paid for this piece . Thank you very much and you are an awesome artist !!
Jan Marks

1 03 2017

John, I met you at Lynn’s workshop in SM. I love what I’m seeing on Facebook. Will you be teaching any more workshops this year? If so, when and where?

20 08 2017
Calvert Lafollette

John I’ve moved back to Fla. Sarasota just trying to touch base. Calvert

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