Misfit Toys by John Whipple

6 04 2010

Here are some of my images from my new book called “Misfit Toys”.

The book is currently available at Blurb.com or by contacting me at





9 responses

7 04 2010

ok, this is great looking!
go honey!!

7 04 2010

glad you like it!!

19 04 2010

found the drawings————–they are GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!—may see u soon——-D

8 06 2010

this is totally kick ass

1 07 2010

MORE monkey movie.
You and Lynn come here and I’ll make you a drink. We’ll have goodies. We’ll make goodies. We can listen to tom waits on the porch. We can say things like
“All the donuts have names that sound like prostitutes”

24 07 2010

I just saw your pieces in the Ann Arbor Art Festival and I absolutely loved them. Your booth was my favorite at the fair. I’m a painter myself and wish I could have come up with something and innovative and original as these! Congrats!

4 01 2013
David Woody

I am in awe of your work….as always!!
It was so nice to see you and Lynn at the Plaza Art Fest in KC. one of the highlights of my year.

1 12 2013
Linda Solan

Wonderful… very talented…

4 12 2013
James Culp

OMG this stuff is amazing! I just saw your stuff at the Scope show in South Beach. I saw a couple hundred artists work today and I can’t get your stuff out of my head. Thank you so much for pushing the envelope, starting on fire and throwing it over the cliff
James Culp

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